New aero base CL829-11

The CL829-11 Aero base is fitted with the CL211 Mk2 aluminium cleat. There is an extra hole to allow having a loop at the bottom. A high quality cleat easy to use and unlimited adjustment to offer a perfect adaptation to the wind conditions and for the rider. Designed for outdoor use in conditions from -20ºC to +40ºC (0ºF to +100ºF). This is a high strength cleat with superb corrosion resistance. Ideal for continuous use in aggressive or very sandy conditions. This is the ultimate cleat for tensioning kitesurf brake lines. It can be set uo on the fifth lineof a kitesurf. This cleat has already been chosen by two kitesurf brands.

Two options for rigging

1) Standard rig with a loop at the bottom

2) CL829-11AN fitted with a stainless steel round ring 3mm x 15mm to guide the fifth line, held by rope.

More technical information here.

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