NEW Swivel shackle orbit blocks turning heads

Adding to the already successful award winning line of Orbit Blocks™ comes the introduction of several new Swivel Head blocks in Series 40 and Series 55. These blocks have a more traditional swivel head and shackle which makes them ideal for use in applications where the attachment points are difficult to access or inspect, or where the standard Dyneema® link of the Orbit range may not be suitable for the intended attachment point. These swivel blocks have the same stylish appearance as the rest of the Orbit range but provide smooth, uninterrupted 360° rotation and a user-friendly attachment option required in many applications.

Typical applications where these blocks can be used:

• Mainsheet systems where the attachment point is a fixed saddle or pad eye and free rotation is critical • Any application where the attachment point is difficult to access or particularly aggressive on Dyneema® links – mast head blocks etc. • Internal purchase systems in booms or sub-floor purchase systems where access is limited and regular inspection is impractical.  

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